11 Things That Make a Beach Trip Great


Going to the beach? 80% of beach trips include candy...

And it makes sense!

The ocean, the sun, the sand...the beach is a happy place, where childhood memories come flooding back and responsibilities are left behind. Candy is the perfect way to celebrate all of that care-free, summertime happiness. So, if you’re packing for your next beach trip, don’t forget to throw in some of your favorite candy (as long as it’s not the kind that will melt). Check out our beach trip candy mix for inspiration!

Here are some more things that make for a perfect beach trip:

  1. Great water conditions 

The beach is more fun when the weather cooperates— and if you like to get in the water, this is especially true. The best swimming happens on mid-to-late summer days, when the water is warm, skies are clear and the wind is mild. 

  • Ice cream breaks 
  • Does a beach trip really count if you don’t eat ice cream!? Whether you hop in the car or take a few steps down the boardwalk, leaving the sand for a cold treat is one of the most memorable parts of visiting the beach. 

  • Sea shell collecting 
  • There’s something fascinating about searching through all of the shiny things that the water brings to shore. Whether or not your beach allows you to keep what you find, spotting and identifying different varieties of shells is one of the best ways to spend a trip to the beach. 

  • Games on the sand 
  • No beach trip is complete without them! From kite flying to volleyball to sand castle building, there is no shortage of on-shore entertainment. For kids, these games are often a chance to make new friends, or a way of spending quality time with family. 

  • Long walks on the shore 
  • Nothing compares to strolling along the edge of the water, bare toes nestled in wet sand. 

    Long walks on the beach are the perfect time for deep conversations, or even for silent self-reflection.

  • Taking in the scenery 
  • The beach is a place for relaxation—and sometimes the best way to do that is to sit back and take in the views! The ocean is beautiful and awe-inspiring, and it’s not every day that you get to see it. 


  • Shopping for souvenirs 
  • Many beaches are only steps away from sea-themed souvenir shops, where the wonders of the beach are commemorated with postcards, sweatshirts and nautical decor. Perusing these shops is always a fun way to take a piece of your vacation home. 

  • Naps in the sun
  • The warmth of the sun and the sound of the waves often prove to be a perfect recipe for sleep. Naps on the sand are a sign of a good beach trip (as long as you remember sunscreen!) 

  • Visiting fun attractions
  • Sometimes the nearby attractions are just as fun as the beach. From miniature golf to arcade games—if you can make time for them, they make for a memorable trip.

  • Meals with friends and family 
  • Whether you pack a picnic or sit down at a seaside restaurant, meals are a time to get together and discuss highlights of the trip. The only thing better than eating your favorite foods is eating them at the beach!

  • A happy ride home
  • When everyone is happily tired out on the car ride home, you know your trip was a successful one. It’s a time for rest, reflection, and, hopefully— for eating leftover candy!