1960s Candy List: Our Favorite Nostalgic Treats 🍭

Did your favorite candy come out in the '60s?

The '60s were "Groovy..." 

Because that's when some of our favorite candies were invented! 

From SweeTarts to Lemonheads...here is a list of the  absolute best candies that came out in the '60s. 

1960: Swedish Fish 

Who doesn't love Swedish Fish? They're a "friend you can eat!" Our favorite red fish swam onto the scene in 1960, when they were adapted from a candy made in Sweden. (So, yes...they really are Swedish!) 

1962: Lemonheads 

Did you know how these got their name? Inventor Salvatore Ferrara chose the name after seeing the birth of his grandson – whose head was shaped like a lemon.

That's quite the legacy to leave behind...

1962: Now & Laters 

The original slogan was "eat some now, kid!" These were everyone's favorite super-chewy candy. Ever wondered what the name means? 

The idea is that, they're so good, you're going to eat some now...and want more later! Pretty clever, right? 

1963: Cadbury Creme Eggs 

Before these were an Easter favorite in the U.S, these were just a candy staple in the UK! They were originally called "Fry's Creme Eggs..." and we don't know what we'd do without them. 

1963: SweeTarts 

These are a childhood staple!

Ever noticed how these taste just like Pixy Stix? It's because they're basically the same thing! The inventor of Pixy Stix, J. Fish Smith, turned his candy powder into discs after parents complained that it was too messy. 

1964: 100 Grand Bar 

Did you love these as a kid? 

This is one of our favorite nostalgic candy bars! Back when we were kids, it was called the $100,000 Bar, which is a mouthful compared to the new name! 

1966: Razzles 

First it's candy, then it's gum. Little round Razzles are so much fun!" 

In the mid-sixties, These were revolutionary. At the time, they only came in raspberry (hence the name...Razzles!) but now you can get them in all kinds of fun flavors. 

1968: Zotz 

Our favorite fizzy candy! 

These were brought over from Italy in 1968, when candy company owner Frank Landry discovered how awesome they are. And today... there's still nothing like it on the market! 


Do you remember any candies that came out in the '60s? 

We'd love to hear your childhood candy memories!  




  • Wendy

    What about Fruit Stripe Gum with the zebra stripes and it came with a temporary tattoo. I think it came out in the ‘60s…loved it!!

  • beverly williams

    I want to get some of my child hood candy. Do you remember slap stick lollipop 🍭

  • Kosha Christine Lynch

    I just love candy

  • Jewel Thomas

    Mary Jane’s and Charleston chews Chunky chocolate 🍫 😋 ♥️

  • Squirrel

    I really miss my childhood favorite candy Squirrel 🐿