7 Ways to Make Your Next Road Trip Sweet

road trip survival

Did you know that 93% of road trips include candy?

We can understand why! Road trips are all about taking time to appreciate the little things: scenic sights, unexpected stops, good songs on the radio...whatever makes you happy. And candy is one of those little things that always makes life sweeter. 

So, the next time you take on the open road, don’t forget to pack a stash of your favorite candy. If you can’t decide what to bring, check out our road trip candy mix!  


Here are some more ways to make the most of your road trip:

  • Make a playlist 
  • Every road trip needs a good soundtrack, and you can avoid the hassle of sifting through songs or stations if you make one beforehand. Make sure everyone in the car has a say—this will reduce disagreement! 

  • Stop to watch the sunset (or sunrise)
  • If the trip is a long one, chances are you’ll be on the road when day turns to night (or vice versa). Use this as an opportunity to get out of the car, stretch your legs, and appreciate the beauty with your loved ones.

  • Take the back roads 
  • It’s not every day that you get to experience so many new, exciting places— why rush through it? Unless you have a strict timeline to follow, it might be fun to leave the highway and venture onto the roads less traveled. You never know what you might stumble upon! 

  • Play a conversation game 
  • Road trips are a chance to catch up with your friends and family as you leave your day-to-day routines behind. But if you happen to run out of interesting things to talk about, there are plenty of verbal games you can try! Pose tough “would you rather” questions, take turns reciting lyrics and see who can guess the song, or tell each other stories using only six words. 

  • Keep an activity log 
  • Pack a journal or notebook and use it to reflect on your favorite experiences. This is the perfect way to pass the time while on the road, and it will also give you something to look back on! It’s like creating your own, hand-made souvenir. 

  • Play road trip bingo 
  • This one is a road trip classic. Using a bingo board and some bingo markers, each passenger in the car marks every item on the board that they see—such as a “do not enter” sign or a billboard. Following the rules of traditional bingo, whoever fills a row (or the entire board) is declared a winner. If you need supplies, check out our Road Trip Bingo boards and our Road Trip Survival Kit! 

  •  Share the candy love! 
  • Candy is meant to be shared, swapped, and traded—so make sure there’s enough of it to go around! If there’s anything you’ll remember about your road trip, it’s the quality time you’ll spend with your loved ones as you enjoy the things that make life sweet.