8 Sweet Ideas for Back to School Season

Back to School Season is here! 

Somehow, Summer is drawing to a close... 

And Back to School Season is in full swing! 

Whether you're a parent, a grandparent, a teacher or a friend, you probably know someone who is heading into a new school year. So we've rounded up some super easy ideas to start the school year off on a sweet note! 

(Seriously...candy is the easiest way to make someone's day 😊). 

For Teachers 

Teacher...Thank You for Your "Roll" in our life! 

All you need is a mason jar (or a cellophane bag), some Tootsie Rolls, and a note. Using a gift tag or a sticker, write on your container of sweets: "Teacher...thank you for your "Roll" in our life! 

Get Tootsie Rolls here. 

You're Worth 100 Grand! 

All you need are a few 100 grand bars and a card! In the card, write "Teacher: You're worth 100 grand!"

Get 100 Grand bars here.  

Thank You for Every Piece of Knowledge 

Fill a mason jar or a bag with Reese's Pieces. Attach a tag that says "Thank you for every piece of knowledge!" 

Get Reeses Pieces here. 

Teacher Survival Kit 

Don't have any school-age kids...but know a teacher personally? Fill a container with their favorite sweets. Then add a tag (or a card!) that says "Teacher Survival Kit." 

To make this even easier... Build a Custom Candy Box right from our website. We'll package the gift for you – and send it right to them! 

For Kids

Have a "Beary" Sweet Year! 

Send them with a treat on their first day! Fill a bag with gummy bears and include a tag that says "Have a 'Beary' Sweet Year."

Get Gummy Bears here. 

You're Such a Smartie 

Fill a bag, a jar or a box with rolls of Smarties. Include a tag or a card that says..."You're Such a Smartie!" The perfect way to start the school year – for kids of all ages.

Get Smarties here.


For older kids and teenagers! Fill a small bag with Lifesaver Mints. On the bag, include a sticker or a tag that simply says "EncourageMINTs." They can keep it in their backpack or locker – for whenever they need encouragement. 

High School or College Survival Kit 

Know someone who is starting high school or heading off to college? 

Make them a Survival Kit! Fill a box with all their favorite sweets. 

Click here to send them a Custom Candy Box! 


Let's spread some Candy Love this Back to School Season! 😊🍭

Are you going to use any of these ideas – or do you have some of your own? Let us know in the comments! 


  • Jaylah Hodges

    I’m starting school really soon and I wanna start the year off right by giving my teacher a nice sweet treat

  • Wendy

    Great ideas! The survival kits are always very appreciated! 😁