A "Dip" Into the History of a Candy Favorite

This classic candy has been around for nearly eighty years!

Everyone loves Fun Dip! It has been delighting kids and candy-loving adults for decades. 

But have you ever wondered about the origins of this nostalgic treat? The Fun Dip we know today is very different from the version of the candy that first hit the market––way back in the 1940s. 

Who Invented Fun Dip? 

Technically, that credit goes to Menlo Smith. He was a lover of all things sweet––so he moved to St. Louis, Missouri just to start his own confectionary business. 

Smith and his father invented a treat called Fruzola, a sweet-and-sour powder that was meant to be mixed with water and turned into a drink. 

Fruzola was popular with kids––but they weren't drinking it. They were pouring it directly into their mouths! Smith realized he may have caught on to something. 

So, as you can probably guess, Fruzola would eventually become what know as Fun Dip.

And it was extremely popular––throughout the '40s and '50s, Fruzola was one of the only penny candies that kids could buy, as most candy production was dedicated to suppling WWII efforts. 

From Lik-M-Aid to Fun Dip 

In 1952, Smith trademarked his invention as a candy, not a drink mix. He called it Lik-M-Aid–– because candy lovers would lick the packets clean! Lik-M-Aid came in fun flavors like Cherry, Grape Strawberry and Orange. 

And...did you know? Smith also invented Pixy Stix, which were (and still are) basically the same thing––just in tube form. 

So...how did Lik-M-Aid become Fun Dip?

That didn't happen until the '70s! 

In 1973, the company that was producing Lik-M-Aid, Sunline Inc., invented another treat: Lik-A-Stix! You know, the delicious, sugary vessel for Fun Dip powder?

The two began being packaged together and thus...Fun Dip was born. 

Fun Dip Flavors 

You probably ate Fun Dip as a kid...but do you still eat it now? 

If you haven't seen it for awhile, you can rest assured that Fun Dip is pretty much the same today as it was fifty years ago. 

Fun Dip now comes in these (fun) flavors: 

Cherry Yum Diddly 

It's a timeless classic! 

RazzApple Magic 

This one's pretty cool...it starts out blue, but turns green once it touches a pre-licked stick. 


Also a timeless classic. 

You can also find seasonal flavors, as well as sour Fun Dip! 

Feeling nostalgic? It's time to tap into your inner child and have some Fun...Dip!

Click here to dip back into your childhood! 


P.S...How do you like to eat your Fun Dip? Do you savor it...or devour it quickly? Let us know in the comments! 



  • Wendy

    Although not a favorite of mine, many kids love this more interactive and ‘fun’ candy😄

  • Deanna

    One of my favorites still today. I would put the powder in my mouth then eat the stick.

  • Martie Sanders

    One of my favorite candies 🍬 growing up in the 70’s 80’s

  • Amy B Olsen

    I love the dip candy

  • Cordell Lewis

    The best