Always Save Room for Dessert

The mission of Life Is Sweet is to continue to connect and serve our candy friends. Every milestone, holiday or event is another opportunity for you to connect deeper with others. Showing love and care. And sending sweets is a great way to accomplish this. 

We are all about the fun in life. Treats and celebrations of all sizes. Why not? Eat dessert after Sunday dinner, or at the baby shower, or every holiday. My Grandpa always said "save room for dessert". Let's eat what we love. Eat the candy. Eat the chocolate. Eat the cake. Get ice cream and take a walk together. We need more of life's simple pleasures and time to spend together.

Life is hard and often filled with unexpected foibles. Why not take a moment and enjoy a treat? Why not send someone a gift that you personalized just for them? Won't you help make life sweet?

If you are a person who wants to treat their loved ones to something special and show they care - we are your people! Big or small events - big or small gestures mean so much. I will be 50 this year. And I remember the treats that mean so much to my family. Don't you? I can help you do something with that. 

We try to serve our candy friends in many ways.

Send something personalized with fun notes - that's a meaningful gift. Customizable candy and fudge boxes accomplish that.. You can send exactly what you choose to.

Don't know what to pick? That's fine! We have pre-designed theme boxes for you to choose from. With all kinds of old school candy to throw in. Even subscriptions that you can set and forget to keep the good times rolling.

In addition, we give guidance and assistance for all types of events. Candy buffets, celebratory cupcakes, and favors. Just as the Candy Lady. ​

We strive to make every holiday fun! Holiday gifts, candy subscriptions, DIY Charcuterie boards and even those rare specialty candies are readily available online and in store. Maybe you decorate Gingerbread every year with your grandchildren? Come pick out the candy with us! You can pick 10 gumdrops or 100 of them.

Candy can used for many applications. Whether gifting or treating yourself to something fun. As the world opens up and we resume normal celebrations, let's take time to appreciate it, and not take it for granted. For a long time we may say, remember what it was like in 2020? Yeah, us too!

What a journey, right?...

​Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts and impassioned mission. It means the world to be able to call you my "candy friend".

Want to check out our site? Or come visit? we would LOVE IT!

I'd love to hear your stories! Reach out anytime!

Sweet regards,


"The Candy Lady"​