What Flavor Are Swedish Fish? (Plus More Fun Facts!)

We love Swedish Fish! 

There's nothing else quite like Swedish Fish! 

These little fish are one of the most widely-loved candies out there. Maybe it's the texture: they're wine gums, not gummies, and they manage to be both chewy and soft. 

They're also just a comforting, nostalgic treat. Their original slogan was "A Friend You Can Eat"...which is funny! But also fitting. 

Do you remember choosing these at the candy store as a kid? I do! 

You've probably munched on them at the movie theater, too. (We ranked them at third place on the list of best candy to eat at the movies!) 

Want to take a little trip down memory lane? Here's the sweet story of this nostalgic classic. 😊

Who Invented Swedish Fish? 

Are Swedish Fish really Swedish? Well...yes and no!

The candies did get their start in Sweden. A Swedish candy company, Malaco, produced a candy called pastellfiskar (pastel fish). In the 1950s, Malaco brought them to the U.S. 

Their popularity only took off when they arrived in North America, and then they became something else entirely. So, we don't necesscarily associate them with Sweden anymore...but we are pretty glad Malaco decided to share their awesome candy. 

Pop Culture Icons 🍿

Have you noticed that Swedish Fish appear in places you'd never expect? 

For example...there are Swedish Fish flavored Oreos! And do you remember Trident's Swedish Fish Gum? It came out in 2013. 

They also show up in the game Candy Crush.  And they've been featured in several popular TV shows! 

Who Makes Them Now?

Today, Swedish Fish are made by Mondelez International (formerly known as Cadbury Adams). 

The Swedish version is still made by Malaco. You can tell the difference because the US version has the word Swedish printed across the fish, while the Swedish version will say "Malaco."

So...What Flavor are the Red Ones?

Obviously, red Swedish Fish are the quintessential candies that we know and love. But they also come in yellow (lemon), green (lime), and orange. 

Here's something interesting, though: there is a lot of debate surrounding the flavor of the red fish. Some people say it's cherry, others say watermelon...and we think it tastes like raspberry! It's very possible that the correct answer is lingonberry––a flavor that is popular in Sweden. 

So: what flavor do you think it is? What do red Swedish Fish taste like? Let us know in the comments! 

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