Are you Team Sour?

I bet I can tell you what decade you grew up in by whether you are sweet or sour.

You see...

Sour candies didn't start to grow in popularity unitl the mid 80's. And most of us (myself included) like a little sour candy.

Sour patch kids. Yup ✔️

Sour Watermelon. Yup ✔️

Sour Belts, War Head, Toxic Waste? Nope.

Those are a whole other level. That's more like a kid a decade after me.

1990's and later.

But no matter.

You like what you like.

And I am cool with that! 😎

Thanks for voting - and here is a treat.

Type Code TEAMSOUR at Checkout and save 20%.

For use on the Sour Puss Candy Box.

Or use your 20% to sign up for a Monthly Sour Lover's Subscription.

Today only. 😉

So pucker up sour puss!! 


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  • Aaron stokes

    I would like to have some of the candy