Camp Kit - Everything they need to have a great time!

By Melody Crist

Summer is already here!? 

That means hot weather, beach days, ice cream...and summer camp! 

It’s the season for forging friendships, embracing nature, and learning new skills. Do you remember the excitement of campfires, S’mores, and late-night conversations with friends and counselors? For campers, it’s thrilling to be away from home—but it’s also not unusual to become homesick. 

That’s where the Camp Kit comes in! It will provide your favorite campers with everything they need: a connection to home, toys to keep the fun going, and, of course, candy! 

The kit includes:

  • A bag of mix gummy candy - (There's enough to share.)
  • Ty toy - for snuggling.
  • A Thank you treat for the favorite camp counselor.
  • 2 stamped postcards to send home.
  • A water ball.
  • A glow stick on a lanyard.
  • A smiley balloon.
  • Markers to sign each other's shirts.
  • A little notepad and pen.
  • Personal S'more kit.
  • Fun Dip.
  • Deck of cards for those rainy days.

You can also add a camp card, as well as cash for Canteen! 

Click here to order and send a box of happiness by mail!