Candy Lovers = Candy Friends


My name is Tracy. People around here know me as the “Candy Lady”.

Remember penny candy? Think about your childhood. 

Where did you buy candy as a kid? How about what your bag was filled with and how much it cost? I do! I remember going to the corner store with a quarter. I remember picking out my candy and putting it in a brown paper bag. I usually got 3 atomic fire balls, 3 bit of honey, and 1 jawbuster - all for a quarter! Times have surely changed.

For me, those childhood memories are imprinted on my soul. They are a part of me. And probably why I decided to own a candy store! And I’d bet they are a part of you, too. Do you have fun memories about candy, too? 

We collect these stories - and we would love to hear yours!

candy jars

Here’s a little history about me….

I grew up on Long Island. Yup! I am a New Yorker. 😊

My parents were divorced and I spent a lot of time with my grandparents. Their house was a magical place where we had dessert every night. Yay! As a child, we spent time at the shore, and vacationed in the mountains (mostly Lake George). And the only place our family spent money while on vacation was at the candy store. And we would each get to choose exactly what we wanted. It was a special treat. Because everyone likes what they like right? My childhood was sweet!

So, how did a New Yorker wind up in New Hampshire?

In 2001, my family experienced the 9/11 attacks like so many others. My husband was a survivor of that terrible day. That day changed our lives forever. We moved to New Hampshire in 2003, to escape New York. The country life was quieter, but... then something happened...


Here's a picture of my kids from back in the day!

Then something happened...

In Fall 2006, after 8 years of homeschooling, my children decided to attend school. Simultaneously, my husband had health issues due to 9/11.

Life was serving up a cart full of lemons 🍋. I cried for a couple minutes then i put on my big girl pants and decided to make some lemonade 🥛.

Sometimes life serves up change. And it's okay.

In January 2007, Life Is Sweet opened. It became my sweet haven. Really!!

It is a place that is pure fun. Where everyone can find something they like. This make everyone happy - and makes it easy on Mom. Candy, Chocolate, Fudge, ice Cream or Cupcakes. We are 5 stores in 1 SWEET place. The shop has grown and learned so much over the past 15 years. My little candy store has grown and survived and thrived... and in 2020 we went online! Yay! We love new candy friends. Life Is Sweet is a 😀 happy business.

Here, people smile every day. It is awesome! We have been a "helper" for important occasions, milestones, celebrations, holidays, vacations, and even gender reveals! 

🎈Through the generations and the happy times and memories... Sweets and treats connect us all. 🎈

But I'm getting ahead of myself…

I want to know more about you! Did you have a special place that you went to when you were a kid for candy or treats? Is there a special sweet that you got in your stocking at Christmas? Or something you ate only on vacation?

I would love to hear about it! I hope it makes you smile.

Hit reply and share your childhood memories… and what your favorite candy was!

Let’s talk soon! 

 Hope you have a sweet day!

Tracy 🍭

"The Candy Lady"


  • Olivia

    I had some of your cupcakes and they were delicious. Thank you for being so kind and answering my questions. Yes its me Olivia. hope you have a nice day!

  • Greg Curlis

    Hello I wanted to tell you that I had some of the mixed Gummies in a bundle you sent me and they are delicious and very good price to thank you for having a great store. I hope you continue to prosper. Have a great day ☺️