DIY Candy Gifts for a Sweet Father's Day 🍭

You'll just need candy + some items you have around the house!

Father's Day is Sunday, June 16th! 

Do you know a Dad who already has everything? (You know... a million socks, watches, and ties from Father's Days past)? This is perfect for you – because you can't go wrong with candy.

Plus, you can get the kids or grandkids involved – and make it a gift that's really from them! 

So, for every father (and father figure!) in your life... here's a super easy way to make their day sweet. 

Make a Personalized Candy Jar 

This is pretty much as simple as it gets! 


🍭 A mason jar 

If you don't have one...repurpose a jam or peanut butter jar! 

🍭 Bulk candy

🍭 Markers + stickers or tags you can write on 

🍭Creativity – so you can create a sweet message or the perfect pun! 


1. Choose Dad's favorite candy. You might want to choose with a theme in mind–use swedish fish, for example, so you can write "you're a catch!" on the tag. 

2. Fill your jar. Fill it to the top!

3. Add your personalized note. 


Need ideas? How about... 

🍭 Fill a jar with Reese's Pieces and write "Dad: we love you to "pieces!" 

Get Reese's Pieces here. 

🍭 Pick Dad's favorite treat... and write "Dad's 'Stache'" with a mustache drawing. 

🍭 Fill a jar with gummy bears and write "We love you 'beary' much!"

Get gummy bears here. 

🍭 Fill a jar with peanut M&Ms and write "To our Sweet..and Nutty Dad!" 

Get peanut M&Ms here. 

🍭 Fill a jar with gummy sharks and create a "Daddy Shark" tag. 

Get gummy sharks here. 


Feeling inspired yet? This is a great way to make your gift personal – and we think that's way better than buying something at the store. Plus...they're just super fun to make. 

Especially when you sneak a few pieces of candy along the way ...😅


Do you want to make these for Father's Day this year? Let us know in the comments!


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