DIY Springtime Candy Flowers

The whole family can join in on this fun candy craft! 

One of the best things about candy is that there's almost no limit to how much FUN you can have with it. 

We've made candy snowmen, candy animals, candy turkeys...

With some imagination (and some basic supplies), you can turn a piece of candy into just about anything. And, in our opinion, a craft that you can eat is way better than one that you can't. 

This Spring season, we turned gum drops into flowers. And even if you're not the crafty type...this is probably going to be the easiest DIY project you've ever tried. 

These flowers made of gum drops make a great activity for the kids, a great last-minute Easter basket stuffer, and a great Springtime gift for anyone (you can turn them into a sophisticated bouquet!) 

Want to make some of your own? 

Here's what you'll need: 

🌸 Gum drops in various colors (small and large) 

🌸 Toothpicks 

🌸 Optional: A vase, lollipop sticks and green tissue paper 

Here's how to make them: 

1. Grab four toothpicks and split them in half. You will need eight toothpick halves. 

2. Stick each toothpick half into on of your large gumdrops. The toothpicks should be stuck near the top of the gumdrop, pointy side facing up. (See photo below). Try to space them evenly. 

3. Place a small gum drop onto each toothpick. Once all of the gum drops are arranged, squish the whole thing with your hand to push it into a more flower-like shape. 

4. Repeat steps 1 through 3 for each flower!

5. If you want to make a  bouquet, all you need to do is insert a lollipop stick into the bottom of each flower (these will serve as the stems). Line a vase with green tissue paper, then stick your candy flowers into the vase. 

Sounds insanely easy, right? 

These are just guaranteed to make someone smile...after all, candy, flowers and Springtime are a few of the happiest things on earth! 

Want to make these candy flowers? Need supplies?

Get large gum drops here

and small gumdrops here


Happy crafting 😊

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  • Wendy

    Such a cute idea!