DIY Valentine's Day Candy Jars

Valentine's Day is just around the corner! Want to save money...and give them something unique?

These charming and thoughtful candy jars will not only satisfy the sweet tooth, but also show that you've put time and effort into creating a special gift. Let's dive into the world of DIY...and explore some creative ideas to make this Valentine's Day extra sweet.

You'll need...

  1. Mason jars or clear glass jars with lids
  2. Various Valentine's Day-themed candies (e.g., heart-shaped chocolates, candy conversation hearts, red and pink M&M's, gummy bears, etc.)
  3. Ribbon or twine
  4. Gift tags or labels
  5. Decorative stickers or paint pens
  6. Tissue paper or shredded paper for filling

Step 1: Choose Your Jars

Selecting the right jar is the first step in creating your delightful Valentine's Day treat. Mason jars work well, but you can also use clear glass jars with lids of various shapes and sizes. The transparency of the jar allows the recipient to admire the colorful assortment of candies inside.

Step 2: Pick a Candy Theme

Consider the preferences of your Valentine when selecting candies for the treat jars. Opt for a mix of textures, shapes, and flavors to make the jars visually appealing. Some popular choices include heart-shaped chocolates, candy conversation hearts, red and pink M&M's, gummy bears, and anything else that screams Valentine's Day sweetness.

Step 3: Layering and Arranging

Creating visually appealing layers of candy adds an extra touch of charm to your treat jars. Begin by placing larger candies at the bottom and layering smaller ones on top. Consider alternating colors and shapes for an eye-catching effect. Be sure to leave enough space at the top for closing the jar without squishing the candies.

Step 4: Personalize with Labels and Stickers

Add a personal touch to your treat jars by incorporating labels or decorative stickers. Write sweet messages, quotes, or the recipient's name to make the gift truly special. You can also use paint pens to draw hearts or other Valentine's Day-themed designs directly onto the jar.

Step 5: Secure with Ribbon or Twine

Tie a festive ribbon or twine around the lid of the jar to secure it and add an extra decorative element. Choose colors that complement the candies inside or opt for classic Valentine's Day shades like red, pink, and white.

Step 6: Presentation is Key

Enhance the overall presentation of your DIY Valentine's Day treat jars by placing them in a gift bag or wrapping them with tissue paper. Adding shredded paper or tissue paper inside the jar before filling it with candies provides additional support and a touch of elegance.


That's all you need to create a one-of-kind gift! 

What are you gifting for Valentine's Day this year?Let us know in the comments!

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  • Wendy

    I gift and always like to receive chocolate, chocolate and oh yeah…more chocolate 😁