DIY Valentine's Day Treat Bags

These are SO easy to make!  

Valentine's Day is almost here... already! 

And if you've waited until the last minute to buy treats for the people in your life– you're not alone. 

So, we had an idea: DIY candy bags!

These cute, candy-filled butterflies would be a perfect treat for kids to hand out to their classmates and teachers. But they'd also be a great way to brighten anyone's day– to spread a little Valentine's Day happiness. And there's no better way to spread happiness than with candy! 

The best part: they're SO easy to make. And you probably have most of the supplies lying around the house. 

Here's what you'll need:

❤️ Clothespins 

❤️ Red or pink pipe cleaners

❤️ Small googly eyes 

❤️  Snack-sized bags 

❤️ Paint and a paintbrush 

❤️ Glue 

❤️ Candy! (We used Valentine's Day jelly beans, but the options are endless). 

Here's how to make them: 

1. Paint your clothespins. We used red, but you can use any color you'd like! Allow the paint to dry. 

2. Using liquid glue or a glue stick, attach two googly eyes near the opening of each clothespin. 

3. Fill each snack bag with candy, making sure to leave some room at the top. Fold the excess bag over so that the zipper seal is hidden. Separate the candy into two halves (this will make room for the clothespin). 

4. Wrap a pipe cleaner around the center of each bag. Leave the ends of the pipe cleaners sticking out in a "V" shape—this will allow you to form the antennae! 

5. Fasten the clothespins onto each bag, googly eyes facing upwards. 

6. Make someone happy with your finished butterflies! 


Are you ready to get started? First you'll need candy... so here are some ideas: 

❤️ Conversation Hearts 

❤️ Cinnamon Hearts 

❤️ Red Sixlets 

❤️ Pink Sixlets

❤️ Valentine's Day Mix 


And, if you want to personalize your treats, check out these FREE printable gift tags!