Father's Day Gifts and Ideas

Father’s Day is almost here...

Have you found the perfect gift for the father figures in your life?!

If not, it might be time to turn to something more meaningful than a new watch or a pair of socks. Instead of buying something from the store, my family has always opted to give the gift of quality time—that’s why we use Memory Coupons! 

Memory Coupons are homemade “coupons'' that can be redeemed for memorable family activities, like a special meal or an afternoon outdoors. You can think of them as a sort of promise (and when the recipient redeems one, it’s time to fulfill it). The best part is that each member of the family can create a personalized coupon! 

Here are some Father’s Day Memory Coupon ideas: 

  1. Plan a board game night! Create a coupon that guarantees an entire evening of games with the whole family 
  2. Promise to cook Dad’s favorite dinner 
  3. Have a movie night (and let Dad choose the movie!) 
  4. Promise to help with his next project 
  5. Plan to play (or watch) his favorite sport 
  6. Plan a trip to Dad’s favorite place—and leave the itinerary to him! 
  7. Take him to his favorite restaurant (but don’t make him pay the bill)
  8. Leave the coupon blank; let Dad fill in anything he wants! 

Once everyone in the family has decided on their “promise,” all you have to do is make the coupons! Check out this printout with premade coupons, or design your own. 

And check out these candy cards to go with them!

Here's a gift idea:

Send a card and his favorite candy - and it's a great gift!

Send a Retro Candy box - with all his childhood favorites!

Build a custom candy box with all his favorites.

 Happy Father's Day to all the "Dad's" out there!