Fruit Stripe Gum Discontinued After 54 Years


In the world of nostalgic treats, Fruit Stripe Gum holds a special place in our hearts!

With its vibrant packaging, fruity flavors, and iconic zebra mascot, this chewing gum has become a symbol of our childhoods.

But news has left fans with a mix of emotions... as it has been announced that Fruit Stripe Gum is being discontinued. 

The History of Fruit Stripes

Fruit Stripe Gum was introduced in the 1960s. Created by the Beech-Nut company, this fun and chewing gum came with five flavors per pack. And here's something strange...Beech-Nut also made baby food! 

Why We Love Fruit Stripes Gum

What set it apart from other gums was not only its bold and varied flavors—such as cherry, lemon, and lime—but also its distinctive packaging adorned with colorful stripes and, of course, the charismatic zebra, Yipes! Over the years, it became more than just a gum; it became a symbol of childhood memories and carefree days.

And, of course...the fact that the flavor only lasted a few seconds! But we loved it anyway.

The packages even came with tattoos...and you could use them to make gum-wrapper chains!

The Sad News

In early January, Ferrara, the company that now makes the gum, announced that it is officially discontinued. There have been nostalgic tributes all over social media, as people reminisce about their childhoods. 

Do you have any fond memories of Fruit Stripe? We'd love to hear them!