Happy Birthday Tracy!

Our fearless leader turned 50 yesterday! Here is a nod to her birth decade candy...

A Decade in Candy: The 1970’s

Written by: Mark Backus

Bell-bottoms, blazers, butterfly collars and bright polyester! The 1970’s changed culture and style forever with a colorful new look on life, and its candy was no different! It came screaming into American culture on the back of immense social change, the Cold War, and cultural phenomena such as the Woodstock Festival. The freelove decade nourished a new mindset growing among kids and teens growing up in the bustling cities and suburbs of the young, groovy America. And their sweet treats reflected the free and fun mindset. If you were born in the 1970’s, you might just recognize some of these all star candies!

Bottle Caps

Bottle caps came onto the candy scene in 1972, just a year after Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, and gained instant popularity. They are sweet candy tablets with a chalk like texture designed to resemble soda bottle caps. The original flavors they can be found in are cola, grape, orange, root beer, and cherry. Each flavor has a bit of a bite to it, resembling the fizzed, carbonated edge to a bottle of soda. 

Curly Wurly Bar

The Curly Wurly Bar is an unmistakable chocolate bar that was released in 1970 with a one of a kind shape and name. Curly Wurlys are not as common in some candy shops today, so it would be fair for many candy lovers to not be familiar with its appearance and flavor. They are long bars made of twisted caramel and coated in Cadbury Milk chocolate. The candy has a rich and sweet bite on the outside, with a savory smooth bite on the inside!


Pop Rocks exploded onto the candy stage in 1975 and immediately became a retro candy classic. They give a fizzing, bubbling and, well, popping sensation in the mouth of the individual in every bite. The popularity surrounding Pop Rocks in the 80’s helped make this candy a legend, with many parents worried over rumors of “Johnny's stomach popping!” And “Suzy’s tummy growing twice its size!” All of which were not true, but it did help to elevate the candy to an almost mysterious level among conversations on the playground. The exciting, carbonated aspect of these candies is well known. What is not as well known, however, is that this unique candy has equally as unique of an origin, too! The food chemist William Mithcell invented Pop Rocks all the way back in  1956 when he was trying to create what he called an “instant soft drink.” What better candy to encapsulate the 70’s than this fantastic treat?

The 1970’s was a great time for candy, especially for those who can remember their local candy shop from their childhood around that time! So take a moment to think back and maybe even enjoy some candy that reminds you of the 1970’s. Happy Birthday Tracy!