Have You Ever Tried a Baby Bottle Pop?

Kids love these! 🍼🍭

Ever heard of Baby Bottle Pops? 

We just got them in! 🎉

These aren't exactly retro, but they have been around for 25 years! Younger generations (and their parents and grandparents!) probably remember seeing the commercials for these – and getting the song stuck in their heads. 

"Baby Bottle Pop, Baby Bottle Pop... Take the Pop, Dip it and Shake it!" 🎶

Even if you've never heard it – you get the idea! 

These were (and still are) a fun, unique twist on the classic lollipop. But did you know that, despite being super popular in the late '90s and early '2000s, these are actually pretty hard to find in stores nowadays? 

Keep reading to learn about Baby Bottle Pops (and see how you can get your hands on one!) For your kids/grandkids...or for you. We won't judge! 

When Did Baby Bottle Pops Come Out? 

Baby Bottle Pops came out in 1998. They were invented by Topps Candy Company. 

Here's something cool: Topps created several of our favorite candies! They're the masterminds behind the Ring Pop, the Push Pop and the Juicy Drop Pop. 

What they're really famous for, though, is Bazooka Bubble Gum! Weird, right? Back in the '50s, they created one of the most nostalgic candies (remember the Bazooka Joe comics?) 

From Bazooka Bubblegum to Baby Bottle Pops. 🤔 Topps really knows their stuff when it comes to creating popular candy. 

In 2008, the Jonas Brothers even recorded a Baby Bottle Pop jingle! Pretty cool, right?

What's Special About Them?

Baby Bottle Pops are kind of like Fun Dip! 

The "cap" of the baby bottle is a lollipop – you screw it off, lick it, flip it over and stick it into the tasty candy sugar inside. 

It's fun for kids! And, let's be honest...it's fun for adults too. 

Baby Bottle Pop Flavors 

There are so many fun flavors to try! 

🍓 Strawberry

🍒 Cherry

🔵 Blue Raspberry

🍉 Watermelon

🫧 Bubblegum

🍏 Geen Apple

🍇 Grape

What Happened to Baby Bottle Pops?

Baby Bottle Pops aren't as easy to find as they once were. 

But we just got some in! 

Want to feel the '90s nostalgia...or try one for the first time? 


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