Here Are The Most Popular Candies From the Decade You Were Born

Let's Take a Trip Back in Time!

Candy has such a fun history. If you've been reading our blog posts for a while (or if you're just a candy history buff...) you probably already knew that. 

We all have candy memories from our childhood – but they're different for everyone. Candy trends are always changing! So, naturally, the candy you love depends on when you grew up. 

Feeling nostalgic? We've made a list of the most popular candies from every decade – since 1940. Let's see if your favorite is on this list! 


Tootsie Rolls 

Tootsie Rolls were one of the most popular candies of the '40s. Although they were invented in 1896 (back when they were sold for a penny each!) Their popularity surged during during World War II, when they were sent to soldiers as rations. They became just as popular with the general public!

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Who doesn't love M&M's? These were used as rations, too, which made them a popular choice when they debuted in 1941. They were sold to the general public starting in 1948...and the rest is history. 

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Good & Plenty 

Good & Plenty was invented in the late 1800s...but it was popular in the '50s due to a certain commercial. Remember Choo Choo Charlie? "I love my Good and Plenty... it really rings my bell!" 

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Charleston Chew

Remember Charleston Chews? These have been around since the 1920s, but they became popular in the '50s when they were sold to another company – and their production doubled! 

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Pixy Stix

Pixy Stix started out as a drink mix called Fruzola Jr. The makers of the drink found out kids were eating the mix they started selling it as candy! Although it started out in the '30s, it really picked up popularity in the '60s.

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Did you know that SweetTarts are actually just condensed pixy stix powder? Crazy! Parents were compaining that the powder was too the company started making SweetTarts as an alternative. 



Reese's Cups 

You probably know the story of Reese's Cups...because they're still one of the most widely-loved candies out there. They've been around since the '20s, but they became really popular in the '70s, after the debut of their iconic commercial. "Hey, you got peanut butter in my chocolate!" 

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Pop Rocks 

Legend has it the Pop Rocks were invented by accident in the '50s, when a a scientist was trying to create instant soda mix. But then the recipe was picked up by a food brand, and they became a 1970s sensation! 

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Skittles were originally made in the UK, but in the '80s, they began selling in the U.S as well. And, obviously, they were a huge hit! They're one of the most popular candies out there these days, too. 

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Sour Patch Kids 

Sour Patch Kids were originally "Mars Men." But in 1985, they got a rebrand – to coincide with the hugely popular Cabbage Patch Kids dolls! Remember those? Everyone loved it, and it made them one of the most popular candies of the decade. 

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Big League Chew 

You know... that baseball-themed shredded Bubblegum? It was invented by two Major League players in the '70s. But became popular in the '90s because that was when they started putting those iconic baseball players on the packages! 

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Are you brave enough to eat warheads? This super-sour candy was invented in Taiwan in the '80s, and it made its in the U.S in the '90s. The thrill of these sour-then-sweet candies made them super popular!

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Hershey's Kisses 

These are obviously a classic! They were popular in the 2000s because a new flavor came out: dark chocolate. 

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Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans 

Harry Potter fans inspired Jelly Belly to create a real-life version of the book's fictional jelly beans. They come in gross flavors like earwax and dirt...and they were one of the most popular candies of the decade! 


Which candies were popular in the decade you were born? Let us know in the comments!