Movie Theater Candy: The Ultimate Ranking

Because movies are no fun without candy!

I love going to the movie theater. 

How about you?

It's one of those things that just doesn't get old. Nowadays, we have movies constantly at our fingertips––we can watch whatever we want, whenever and wherever. But there's something special about seeing a movie in the theaters.

You know...when the lights dim, and the previews come on, and you can feel the anticipation swirling around as everyone munches quietly on their popcorn. Maybe I'm old-school, or maybe it's just the nostalgia––but it's a feeling that can't quite be recreated anywhere else.  

And, obviously, you can't see a movie without snacks. (Well, you could, but where's the fun in that?) And you can't truly have the full movie-going experience without candy! 

But how do you choose the perfect movie theater candy? Pick what you like the most––or, if you're indecisive, keep reading for our definitive ranking (from the good, to the great, to the absolute best!) 

10Jordan Almonds 

Sweet, salty and perfectly crunchy. Plus, we feel like we're eating healthy...

 9. Whoppers 

The classic malted candy! There are mixed opinions about these, but we think they're a perfect movie theater treat.

8. Gummy Bears 

Gummy bears are great no matter where you are––so obviously they'll be awesome at the movies. 

7. Twizzlers 

These are a classic! They're perfect for munching on during the most suspenseful part of the movie...

6. Raisinets one really likes raisins, right? But they're good when they're covered in delicious milk chocolate. The perfect texture! 

5. Good n Plenty 

Licorice can be controversial, but these are a quintessential movie theater snack. They're perfect if you're feeling nostalgic! 

4. Sno-Caps 

There's just something about the smooth chocolate with the crunchy texture on top. If you need your chocolate fix at the movies, these are for you. 

3. Swedish Fish

Who doesn't love Swedish Fish? They're full of fond childhood memories, and their chewy texture pairs perfectly with popcorn. 

2. Mike n' Ikes 

If you're like me, then you might reserve this candy specifically for the movie theater. It's a rare treat––one of those things that make movie outings special! 

1. M&Ms 

The top spot goes to M&Ms! Everyone loves them; they're the perfect size to eat by the handful; and they're the ideal candy to pair with popcorn. Have you ever tried mixing your popcorn and your M&Ms together? You should! 


Did we miss anything? Do you agree or disagree with our ranking? 

Let us know in the comments! 




  • Seth

    I prefer to eat dots there soft and chewy and they happen to be my favorite candy

  • Robin

    I agree with some choices but you definitely missed quite a few hard hitters! Here is my list: 1. Reeces Peices (hello, ET 🤣) 2. Mike and Ikes 3. Skeetles 4. Snow Caps 5. Gobstoppers 6. Twizzlers 7. Goobers 8. Gummy worms 9. Butterfingers 10. M&Ms

  • Melynda Clipp

    I think Whoppers should been number 2 but I agree with the M&M’s being number 1

  • Wendy

    Might shift poor Whoppers out of ninth place, but agree with M&Ms being number one…especially with popcorn!

  • Katie

    Love this ranking!