Irish Potato Candies

Shannon here :)

As my name would suggest, my family loves St. Patrick's Day! I always try to get a brand of corned beef with Shannon in the name (I can't help myself). And we all go to my mom's for an American St. Patrick's Day dinner!

She makes my favorite Irish Soda Bread without the caraway seeds - sorry - they are just gross! 🤷‍♂️🤣 And since I have an intolerance to raisins (I know - TMI), she has started adding blueberries and it is so DELICIOUS! Who doesn't love fresh blueberries!?

My husband eats waaaaaaaay too much cabbage... 🤢

BUT all week long my kids have been asking... "Has Grandma made the Irish potato candies yet?"

We are PA people, specifically the good part of PA 😉😜 (Philadelphia!) Where Irish potato candies are a staple to this holiday. Tonight the boys went to Grandma's and helped roll the potato candies! 

Want to try some for yourself? Here's the recipe:



8 oz Philadelphia Cream Cheese

1 tsp real vanilla extract

3 oz coconut

1 stick (1/4 cup) butter

2 pounds of Confectioners Sugar



Mix cream cheese, vanilla, coconut, butter and sugar well. Refrigerate for at least 1 hour. Roll into 1 inch balls and then roll into cinnamon. ENJOY!



  • Catherine White

    a while back, I found a recipe for potato candy that actually used a cooked potato. They were quite good and a big hit. I should try to find that recipe again.

  • Life Is Sweet

    The name is quite funny because there typically are not any potatoes in the recipe although some people do put potato water in the recipe .

    The recipe is named Irish Potato Candies because they resemble the look of potatoes. Some people put pine nuts on the candies to resemble the spuds even more!

  • Sue Williams

    These sound good! But no potatoes???🤣

  • Pam

    Is there any potato in this recipe? If not, why is it called Irish potato candy? Just checking before I make them.
    Thank you!