Life is Sweet - Top 7 Gummies of 2021

Don't you just love a list? What is better than a gummy best of list?

I can remember being a kid and listening to the countdown on the radio (Yup - I am old!). At the end of the year - there are tons of lists and countdowns, too.

With that in mind - Here's our Gummy list!

Top 7 Gummies you need to try of 2021!

Disclaimer: I am a gummy LOVER! I have over 50 types of gummies - not including sours - in the store - at all times. I am an self proclaimed expert!

But I do have some criteria that was considered.

The list is based on:

1. Taste    2. Texture   3. Color    4. Shape 5. 2021 Popularity

Here we go! 

1. Sour sharks


These little sharks are vibrant blue on one side and white on the other; deliciously sweet and sour. They are the perfect size (two bites worth), flavorful, and so pretty! 

2. Peachy Penguins


Penguin-shaped gummies are a fun sweet treat that makes a great artisan candy treat. Full of peach flavor and soft, chewy goodness, penguin candies make a unique gummy that is harder to find.

3. Chocolate Gummy Bears

choc bears

Encased in milk chocolate, the fruity flavored gummy bears combine two mouthwatering treats in one - a gummy surprise under a sweet layer of chocolate! Pop them in the freezer for an extra treat. There are a number of manufacturers - Nassau, Albanese, Koppers. Try them all!

4. Gummy Army Men

army men

Green Army Men made by Albanese, are a bright green, soft to eat, and full of green apple flavor. They have a few shapes too - reminiscent of those plastic army men from Toy Story.

5. Gummy Pigs


Available in sweet and a sour mini version...these sweet fluffy gummies are a unique treat. Fruit flavored pig-shaped gummy candy. Gummy pigs will have unique gummy lovers squealing with delight. 

6. Gummy Crispy Crunchy Bears

crispy bears

These sweet fruity gummy bears are covered with rainbow nonpareil sprinkles.  They have a wonderful contrast of textures, a soft gummy on the inside and a crispy crunch on the outside. Made by Candy Nation.

7. Albanese Gummy Bears


All your favorite flavors in one place! Enjoy the World's Best Gummi Bears in 12 fresh fruity flavors. Flavors include: Cherry, Pink Grapefruit, Watermelon, Strawberry, Orange, Blue Raspberry, Lime, Grape, Green Apple, Mango, Pineapple & Lemon. These are available separately or as a mix. Soft and super flavorful. Yum!

Bonus: My current favorite!

8. Chicken Feet

chix feet

Gummy chicken feet look just like the real thing, but ours taste yummy. Gummi Chicken Feet by Vidal are so much fun to eat! Guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Cherry flavor and so very good! 

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  • Moasheena

    Gummy I like most of them but I have to be care full of the pineapple ones.

  • Bryan Clampitt

    Wished I could buy some but I don’t have a job

  • Kathryn

    I think 7-11 gummy are one of the best gummy bears ever!