Mother's Day DIY Candy Bouquet

Mother’s Day is almost here! 

It’s time to thank Mom for all that she does...and what says “thank you” better than candy? 

(And it's not just for Mom. This is the perfect way to show your appreciation for any important person in your life). 

 This is a sweet twist on the classic springtime gift. And it’s so easy to make! 

Here’s what you’ll need: 

🍬LOTS of candy...keep reading for ideas! 

🍬 A pretty container (it doesn't matter what kind!) 

    Some ideas: A mason jar, a flower pot or a decorative tin 

🍬Wooden skewers or straws 


🍬Tissue paper 

Here’s how to make it: 

1. Pick your candy. Ideally, it will be something soft––so you can insert a skewer or straw into it. 

Here's what we used: 

    2. Insert one piece of candy onto each skewer. 

    3. Arrange the skewers like a bouquet of flowers, making sure to tape around the bottom so it stays together. 

    4. Line your container with colorful tissue paper and insert your bouquet! 

    5. Add a card or a Happy Mother's Day tag. 

    Click here to browse our cards! 


    Does your giftee prefer a different sort of treat? There's an alternative (and more chocolate-based) way to make a candy bouquet! This one involves fun packaged treats. 

    Here's what you'll need: 

    🍬 A mason jar 

    🍬Enough small candy to fill the jar

    Try  M&MsChocolate-Covered Peanuts, or Chocolate-Covered Raisins! 

    🍬Skewers or straws 

    🍬Tape or glue


    🍬Tissue paper 

    Here’s how to make it: 

    1.  Fill your jar with candy. If you don’t want to fill the whole jar, you can place tissue paper at the bottom and add the candy on top. 

    2. Using tape or glue, attach your chocolate bars or other large candy to the skewers/straws. 

    3. Place your treats stick-down into the jar and arrange them like a bouquet of flowers! 

    4. Add the finishing touch—use the ribbon to tie a bow around the jar. 

      That’s all you need to do to make a beautiful gift that your loved one will cherish! Until they eat it, of course... 


      Do you plan to make one of these for someone in your life? Let us know in the comments!

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