National Gummy Worm Day

gummy worm day

JULY 15!

Just in case you needed an excuse to celebrate... 

It’s National Gummy Worm Day! 

July 15 commemorates the creation of the gummy worm, one of the most popular (and delicious) forms of gummy candy. Have you ever wondered where this beloved candy came from? Its history stems from the invention of the gummy bear! 

Gummy bears were created by German candy maker Hans Riegel in the early 1920s, and their soft texture and whimsical shape caused them to quickly become popular. But they weren’t introduced to the U.S until 1982, and it was then that the company Trolli was inspired to develop the gummy worm. Gummies had been produced in other shapes before, but nothing was able to rival the gummy bear—until the worm entered the scene! 

They were initially intended to amuse kids while creeping out parents, and this combination likely contributed to their intrigue. But now kids and adults alike understand how awesome they are! 

Thanks to the invention of the gummy bear, we have gummies in a vast variety of shapes, sizes and flavors. We have sharks, snakes, pigs, frogs...but the gummy worm remains a classic. 

So, take some time today to appreciate this strange treat—by adding them to a dessert or eating them by the handful. 

Do you have a favorite gummy shape? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Sharon Page

    I did not get a chance to get my free candy for my birthday