Never do a meditation in Phoenix!

Hi friends!

I was traveling for business this week, and I was nervous. Just a little anxious about showing up for the first meet-up.
Do you get nervous at these kinds of things? You aren't quite sure what to expect and if you will feel awkward and weird... 😟
So, I decided to do a little meditation to clear my head. You know, deep breathing, close your eyes, collect yourself and relax. And I did it on my pretty little balcony. 
And two hours later - NO VOICE.
The heat did something to my sinuses and voice - and I sounded awful. And I worried about people being nervous in this climate of "cooties".  🐸
That got me thinking about what I could have done differently to feel more confident? And it came to me! 
Next time I am going to a party, new event, or convention I am going to lead with CANDY. A small little gift that I can bring and give. I like people who give me presents, And everyone likes candy! Am I right?
You can see my ideas here for some fun and easy "host" gifts.
But whatever you do - DO NOT do a meditation outside in Phoenix in the 98-degree dry heat. A week later and I am still struggling.
Here are some ideas: