Nostalgia Candy: Our Favorites from the 80s and 90s

 Is your childhood favorite on this list? 🍬🍭


Do you ever find yourself reminiscing about the good old days, when life was simpler and candy was a source of pure joy? 🍬🍭

If you grew up in the 80s or 90s, you're in for a treat (literally!). Let's take a sweet trip down memory lane and explore some of the top candies from those two iconic decades.

  1. Pop Rocks (1970s/80s)

While Pop Rocks made their debut in the late 1970s, they were a sensation throughout the 80s and early 90s. Do you know why they "pop?" It's the carbon dioxide! Kids and adults can agree...there's something fun about combining candy with science.

  1. Nerds (1983)

Nerds were introduced in 1983, and they quickly became a favorite among candy lovers. These colorful, tangy, and crunchy little candies were often sold in boxes with two separate compartments, allowing you to mix and match your favorite flavors. They still makes our taste buds tingle with nostalgia.

  1. Airheads (1986)

Airheads, the stretchy, taffy-like candy, arrived on the scene in 1986 and were an instant hit. I remember always winning these as a prize at the arcade – and thinking that was pretty awesome. Did you ever stretch and mold them into fun shapes when you were a kid? 

  1. Ring Pops (1970s/90s)

Ring Pops originated in the 1970s but reached their peak popularity in the 90s. Sure, they were just lollipops – but they made us feel like royalty! There's nothing better than candy you can eat and wear. 

  1. Warheads (1993)

Warheads, introduced in 1993, were the ultimate challenge for sour candy enthusiasts. Kind of like atomic fireballs for a new generation – kid would compete to see who could keep them in their mouth the longest! 


What do you think? Do you have a favorite candy from the '80s, '90s, or any decade? We'd love to hear about it!


  • Kathy Sielinski

    Yes i know about the candy back in the 70s, even earlier. I like most if them still but some don’t even sell anywhere but online. Back in the day I loved them and the pop rocks I wouldn’t mind having some and althea needs.


    These candy’s brings me so so many memories definitely the pop rock’s I love them all