Nostalgia is Powerful!

Seeing a candy from my childhood, I can't help being not just nostalgic, but wistful, about how happy life was 40 years ago. It takes me right back there, and makes me smile. We all have these candy memories. It connects us to each other and different seasons of life.

Our goal is to help people tap into this and connect with one another. And spread joy. Life Is Sweet provides a way to accomplish this for loved ones. Both in store and online. Hooray!


Send a treat you both have shared, or just choose some items you know they love. But ultimately, it is special because it is thoughtful. And sent by you.

Want some proof?

Who takes the time to pick candy just for you? Someone who loves you!

Here's some examples from our 15 years of helping make gifts special.

Grandma comes in and makes 10 different candy bags to ship her grandchildren. Why? Because each bag is special - containing only the candy that is each kid's favorite. Can you see how special that is for them?

A young man comes in every May, and makes a chocolate box with only orange creams and orange jellies. Why? Because it's his Mom's favorite and it's Mother's day.

Can you see the connections and memories made on holidays?

Candy and people created that amazing experience. And Life Is Sweet helped!

What an amazing happy journey it has been. And we are just getting started!

We would love to hear from you and answer any questions!


"The Candy Lady"