Nostalgia is Powerful!

Want to connect with friends and family more and spread joy? 

Here's how! 

Nostalgia is a super power. We can help you tap into it.

When people see a candy from their childhood, they can’t help being not just nostalgic, but wistful, about how happy life was years ago. It transports them right back in time. And makes them smile. 

We all share these candy memories. And that connects us to each other, our past, and special times. Candy provides an easy way to accomplish this. At Life is Sweet this is our Super Power. No matter whether in store or online. We help people tap into this and connect with one another. And spread JOY. Hooray!

Here's the basic idea:

Send a specific treat you shared at a special time or place, or simply choose the items you know that someone loves. Ultimately, they will think it is special because it is thoughtful. And it was sent by you!

 Want proof?

Think about it... Who takes the time to pick candy just for you? 

Someone who loves you! And that makes you feel special.

Here's some examples from 15 years.

Grandma comes in and makes 10 different candy bags. She labels and ships them to her grandchildren. Why? Because each bag is special - containing only the candy that is each kid's favorites. Isn't that special?  

Here's another one. A middle aged man comes in every May, and makes a chocolate box with only orange creams and orange jellies. Why? Because it's his Mom’s favorite. And it’s Mother's Day. He knows what she likes! 

Here's another example

I assisted a "sister of the bride" through creating a candy buffet as a surprise for the wedding reception. We compiled a list of the candy they both love, included a few candies from their childhood, and added a few that went with the color palette. Together, we organized the jars for the candy display, ordered all the candy, created signs for the jars, baskets for the imprinted bags, and even glitter to scatter on the table. Imagine if you can the bride's face when the candy buffet was rolled onto the dance floor with the lights dimmed and sparklers firing – The bride and groom looked at each other - stunned and wondering what the heck was happening. The guests were as excited as kids in the candy store. Grins of wonder from ear to ear all around. The lights are raised, and each guest crowds around to check it out. They each read the labels, got to know the bride and groom a little better, share their own stories amongst each other, and create their own candy bag as their wedding favor. And of course they ate candy! Can you hear them: How fun is this! This is my favorite!  

You can easily see the connections and memories that were made that day. Candy and people created that amazing experience. And Life Is Sweet helped!

What an amazing happy journey it has been. And we are just getting started!

Do you have any memories like these?

We would love to hear from you!

Sweet regards!


"The Candy Lady"