Quarantine Taught Us Something Great...

Wait, what?! Hold on - Let me explain...

Prior to the pandemic, most of us were so busy! I was running 2 restaurants and 2 candy stores in March of 2020. I was working all the time. Super stressed out  I missed so many special events. How about you - Can you relate?

Here are my businesses... 

The Flight Deck, Willie Mac's, and Life is Sweet.

Photo of Easter Bunny on a plane at the Flight Deck Restaurant, Candy at Life Is Sweet Candy Store and two friends with Tracy at Willie Mac's Restaurant.

Think back. Here we were, living super busy lives. Running from morning until night - everyday. And then along came Covid, and BAMM!. Quarantine! What a change! We were instantly all home with our families - all day and everyday! What a radical shift for most of us. It was quite an adjustment. And when the holidays came, it was so hard not being able to be with family!

Right away, Life Is Sweet had to pivot!

I remember... it was almost Easter. Most of the stores were shut down. What to do with all this Easter candy? We went online! We made an offer. A special Easter solution for families to lift spirits. We helped connect family and friends - near and far. We sent eggs, treats and gifts along with your love. Even a letter from the Easter Bunny! 🐰

It was such a gift to help families connect. I hand wrote many sweet notes from Grandma's, Mom's, and besties sending love and good thoughts. I knew when I started Life Is Sweet that it made me happy. How gratifying that it can make others happy, too!

No matter the holiday, a bad day, or a 30th birthday... we love being able to help make people smile and feel special. We help create happy memories. Let's not forget the lesson of 2020. Take every opportunity to celebrate everything!

Connecting people with candy is our specialty. We love to do it! We call it sharing #candylove.

But more on that later... I just get so excited!

So often, we share sweets with our family and friends. What special treats did you miss last year? Maybe your special birthday cake? Grandma's Christmas cookies? Or Easter eggs filled with favorite candies?

I would love to hear your story! What did you miss most? Please hit reply and share!

Sweet Regards,


"The Candy Lady"