Red Hots - Cinnamon Imperials

Red Hots - Cinnamon Imperials

Remember these? 

Red Hots - Cinnamon Imperials

A powerful cinnamon kaboom in an itty-bitty bite!

Anyone else love these as a kid? Still do? 

red hot

From the makers:
These candies hit you from your nose to your toes. In the early 1930's, the Ferrara Pan Candy Company created the famous Red Hot using the same cold panned candy method used today. Whether you eat them by the handful, put them on birthday cakes or use them as a decorative touch to your gingerbread house, there are a million fiery ways to spice up your life.
Can you believe it?
90+ years of Red Hots!

And over the decades - they have been used to enhance many a treat in the kitchen! 

Click through for a list of recipes from NPR. Red Hot Recipe

My favorite memory.

All the grandma's and kids that visit the candy store to load up on red hots because they had just gone apple picking and are now fixin' to make some apple sauce and apple pies.

Don't you just love how candy connects us with so many amazing family moments? It's a sweet thing!