Remember Root Beer Barrels?

We think they're a barrel of fun...

Remember these? 

These are one of my favorites!

When I was a kid, my Grandma would always have these in her candy dish. When I visited her, I'd make a beeline over to the dish – and grab a few when she wasn't looking. 

We're not sure what exactly makes these so great...maybe it's that root beer is a unique flavor for a hard candy. Maybe it's because they take a while to eat, so you can savor the flavor. Maybe it's because their shape (like a real-life root beer barrel!) is so fun.

(Or maybe it's just the nostalgia). 

In any case, we're glad they exist! Here are some cool things you might not know about Root Beer Barrels. 

1. Root Beer Barrels Were (Probably) Invented By a Pharmacist 

No one really knows where this candy originated from. The generally accepted theory is that they were invented by Charles Hires, the pharmacist who invented root beer (the drink). 

He invented it in the late 1800s, after discovering Native American root tea on his honeymoon. He intended for it to be a remedy for illness and an alternative to alcohol – but people loved the taste!

So, as the story goes, he made the drink into a candy, and thus root beer barrels were born. 

2. They're Not Made By Just One Company  

Unlike many of our favorite retro candies, root beer barrels aren't made by just one company. Root beer companies, like Dad's Root Beer, have their own versions of the candy, and so do some well-known candy companies!

That makes us even more curious about their origin story 🤔

3. They Have Some Hidden Flavors...

The flavors in root beer barrels are the same as the flavors in the drink. They a feature a combination of sassafras, wintergreen, anise, and other aromatic ingredients. 

Who knew?

4. Root Beer Barrels Are A Real Thing 

Okay, so you probably already knew this...but just in case you didn't. 

The shape of root beer barrels is based off of real-life root beer barrels, which were wooden barrels used to transport root beer back in the day. Interesting, right? 

5. We Have Them at Life is Sweet! 

We've heard that Root Beer Barrels can be hard to find in stores. 

But we do have them at Life is Sweet! Want to relive your childhood? 

Click here to get Root Beer Barrels! Take a walk down memory lane. 


Do you love these? Do you have any memories about them? Let us know in the comments!


  • Kelley

    Absolutely yummy! A few different brands I like or don’t like. So yummy!

  • Evelyn

    My mother always bought them for my granddaddy and he would let me have some too. We both loved them. I still do. Difficult to find.

  • Wendy

    Yes, love these! As a kid, I remember trying to hone in on and scoop up all of the root beer barrels from birthday party piñatas!😋

  • Ardis Drift

    I love root beer barrels