What Are Those Foil-Wrapped Strawberry Candies Called?

Everyone knows them...but no one really knows anything about them. 

 Everyone remembers these from their childhood. 

You know, those mysterious, foil-wrapped hard candies that your mom or grandma always had in her candy dish? They looked just like strawberries on the outside, and they tasted just like them, too. 

You may have heard the legend that these are not actually available to buy. They simply start appearing in your purse once you're of grandma age! (This is a funny legend...but we actually do sell them at Life is Sweet.) 

If you're anything like me, just looking at them brings back fond memories. 

So why did we love them so much? There's no branding on the wrapper, no catchy jingle from the past... they just are. They've stood the test of time just by being delicious! And nostalgic, of course. 

So, Do They Have a Name? 

They do! 

We always referred to them as "Those Strawberry Candies," or "Grandma's Candies..." but they do have a name. 

They're called Strawberry Bon Bons! 

If you've never heard that before in your life...you're not alone. It's not on the wrapper, and it's not like we were buying them ourselves when we were kids! They were just always around––in the candy dish or in Grandma's purse. 

(And, let's be honest. We're still going to call them "Those Strawberry Candies"). 

The History of Strawberry Bon Bons 

In keeping with their appearance, Strawberry Bon Bons have a pretty mysterious history. 

Unlike with most classic candies, there is no record of a specific person who invented these. And we're not sure exactly when they were invented, either. 

We call them "Old-Fashioned" now, but they were already old-fashioned in the '50s and '60s. They date back to mid-1800s France, when drop-shaped hard candies were a new and exciting invention.

Later, once they arrived in the U.S, they became popular during the Great Depression. In the 1920s and '30s, having a glass dish full of candy was a status symbol. The dishes were originally carnival prizes–– but they became a way of showing that you could afford small luxuries.

Interesting, right? 

Strawberry Bon Bons Today

These candies have been around for centuries, and they're not going away any time soon. You can still buy them today! 

Click here to get "Those Strawberry Candies!" 


And did you know...

We're brining the candy dish back! They had the right idea back in the 20th century. It's time to delight a whole new generation with candy 😊🍬

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P.S...Did you love or hate these? What do you call them? Let us know in the comments!


  • Rita Pruneda

    I absolutely love Strawberry Bon Bons! I buy them once in a while because I’m diabetic but nevertheless they are delicious!

  • Holly Hodge

    I love Strawberry bon bons. Actually a lady at my work hands them out everyone.