Remember Wax Bottles? (Nik-L-Nips!)

This candy is loved by every generation! 

Last week, we talked about the candies that people have loved through the decades. Candy memories are different for everyone – depending on when you grew up. But...we think wax bottles may be the exception! 

Whether you were born in the '50s, the '80s or even the 2000s...everyone seems to get nostalgic about wax bottles. 

So, what's so special about this candy?

Maybe it's the whole process: bite the top, savor the syrup (and try to get every last drop out)...then chew the wax like gum. Or maybe it's that they're so unique – there's nothing else like them out there.

Whatever it is, they have a special place in our hearts. Let's take a walk down memory lane! 😊

The History of Wax Bottles 

We call them wax bottles, but their official name is Nik-L-Nips. The "nik" comes from nickel, because they were once sold for a nickel. And "nip" is how you're supposed to eat them – by biting the top off and drinking the candy inside. 

Here's something interesting: they've been around for a really long time. You might think they were invented in the '50s or '60s, like many of our favorite colorful retro candies. But they were actually invented in the early 1900s! 

No one really knows exactly when these were invented, or who invented them. We do know that, at the time, the wax used to make them was flooding the market, so people had to get creative with how to use it...

...and they turned to candy, which we think was a great choice.

We also know that they came out during the prohibition era – and, at that time, people found the bottle shape especially intriguing. So...they've likely been around for over one hundred years!

Wax Bottle Flavors 

Did you know that the flavors have names? I didn't! 

Wax bottles come in O-So-Orange, Chillin' Cherry, Hello Yellow,  Groovin' Green, and Blazin' Blue Raspberry. 

Do you have a favorite flavor? I can tell you that, at Life is Sweet, the blue and red bottles always disappear first. 👀

Pure Nostalgia!

Today, wax bottles are made by Tootsie Roll company. You probably don't see them too often anymore, but they're still going strong. 

And we always have them at Life is Sweet! They're an old-fashioned candy store staple. They're the very definition of candy nostalgia! 😊 

Click here to get Wax Bottles! 


Do you have any memories of wax bottles from your childhood? We would LOVE to hear them. 


  • David

    Blue & Orange for me!

  • Wendy

    I remember loving them and wishing they were bigger 😁