Remember Wax Lips? Nostalgic Halloween Candy!

Wax Lips are a trick-or-treating classic!

Remember these? 

They were never the best tasting candy on the market...but they were a lot of fun!

Did you ever sneak these into school – like Ralphie did with his wax fangs in A Christmas Story? 

Their slogan is "play now, chew later," and sometimes we decided to just PLAY with them...and then throw them away. That's why we loved finding them in our pails on Halloween. These are what candy memories are all about!

In honor of Halloween season, we're taking a trip down memory lane! 

What are Wax Lips Made Of? 

Wax lips are made of edible paraffin wax. It's kind of like gum – so don't swallow it! Wax lips have been offered in several flavors over the years, but cherry is the most popular. 

Who Invented Wax Lips?

They were introduced in the '20s by John Glenn, owner of J.W. Glenn Co. Edible parrafin wax had been invented not long before – and he introduced America to "penny chewing candy novelties," such as wax lips. He was a candymaker with a sense of humor...and kids would love his creation for decades to come. 

While wax lips were invented in the '20s, they became most popular around the '70s – especially around Halloween! 

Are They Still Around Today?

Yes – woohoo! Wax Lips – as well as Wax Fangs and Wax Mustaches – are now owned by Tootsie company. 

And, of course, we have them at Life is Sweet! 

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  • Wendy

    Always thought Wax Lips were a weird candy, but definitely fun!