Smack it, Crack it! 💥 Bonomo Turkish Taffy


Turkish Taffy...

Have you ever tried it? 

If you were around in the ‘50s and ‘60s, you might remember a few lines from the catchy jingle. 

“Give it a smack, Bonomo! Give it a crack, Bonomo!”

“Then lift up the flap, strip off the wrap, and hey away we go!” 

Turkish Taffy was accidentally invented in 1912, when a candy maker added too many egg whites while trying to make marshmallows. Then, in 1936, it was bought by Victor Bonomo of the Bonomo Company. 

When Bonomo began selling the taffy in candy bar form, it became hugely popular. 

But what was so special about it? 

Turkish Taffy has the consistency of hard candy; when you “smack it” against a hard surface, it shatters. 

But then, once it’s in your mouth, it changes. It melts and becomes a soft taffy! 

There was nothing else like it—and it remained a classic for decades, until it was discontinued in 1989. 

But came back!

 Over twenty years later, in 2010, the one-of-a-kind Turkish Taffy made its re-debut. 

Feeling nostalgic? Or just wishing you could try some? 

I don’t blame you... 

Click below to discover (or rediscover) all four flavors! 

Vanilla Turkish Taffy

Strawberry Turkish Taffy

Chocolate Turkish Taffy 

Banana Turkish Taffy