"The Big Fizz" Candy...


Remember these? 

We'd hold them on our tongues and slowly savor the fizz...or just bite right through to the explosive center. (And, if you're anything like me, I'm sure you think there's only ONE right way to eat them). 😅

If you grew up around the '70s, you probably remember going to the candy store to try ZotZ the first time. You probably also remember the old commercials, which would always end with one of the candy's taglines: "Where the Fizz Izz!" 

There aren't many "fizzy" candies out there, so these hold a special place in our hearts. 

Let's take a trip down memory lane! 🍬🍭

The Origin of ZotZ

Did you know that Zotz came from Italy? 

While they didn't show up in the U.S until 1970, they'd been around way before that!

It was in 1970 that the Andre Prost Co, a company that dealt in imported goods, brought over a strange candy from Como, Italy – made by G.B Ambrosoli Company. 

It wasn't even something they were planning to sell – it was just a gift that Frank Landry, Prost's sucessor, had received as a gift! He gave it to his kids...and suddenly they couldn't get enough of that "funny fizzy candy."

It wasn't long before they realized they had something big on their hands!

Why Are They Called ZotZ?

In 1962 – eight years before the candy made it to the U.S – a movie called Zotz was released. But that's not where the candy got its name! 

It was simply a name that Frank Landry liked to use. He had a habit of saying "Hey, don't give me the zotz!" 

Weird, right?

What is the Fizzy Stuff, Anyway?

It's bicarbonate of soda! (Plus a few other secret ingredients...) 

When it touches your tongue, a chemical reaction takes place – and the fizz is activated. 

That's pretty cool!

Where Are They Now...

Surprisingly, ZotZ are still made by the same small factory in Italy. 

They still come in all six fun flavors that you remember: cherry, blue raspberry, grape, apple, watermelon and orange. 

Haven't seem them around lately? They may be a little harder to find these days...but we always have them at Life is Sweet. 

Click here to shop ZotZ! Take a stroll down memory lane. 


Now we need to know: which is the "right" way to eat ZotZ? Take a bite or savor the flavor? Let us know in the comments!




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