The Charleston Chew: A Candy Bar We'd Dance For

There’s no substitute for this retro candy bar! 

Charleston Chew


If you’re a candy connoisseur, I’m sure you remember...

...tearing away that bright yellow package with the sprawling, blocky letters. Then you’d take a bite, and a little taste of chocolate gave way to a chewy, marshmallow-y nougat center. 

There's nothing else quite like the Charleston Chew––the bright little treat you can’t help but spot on a shelf full of candy!

But do you know how this classic candy bar got its start? 

The History of the Charleston Chew

The Charleston Chew was invented in 1925 by Fox-Cross Candy Company. Strangely enough, the founder of the company wasn’t very well-versed in the candy making business...he was a Shakespearean stage actor who was looking for a new line of work! 

Weird, right? 

Naturally, his first candy creation had a rocky start. It was called the "Nu Chu," and it didn't quite catch on. But he had a hit with the Charleston Chew, which was enjoyed for its uniquely chewy texture. 

When Cross eventually sold the company, the Charleston Chew's new owner, Nathan Sloane, made some adding new flavors! Originally only sold in Vanilla, the candy bar now also comes in Strawberry and Chocolate. 

Sloane also showed the world how awesome the candy tastes frozen. Have you ever tried a frozen Charleston Chew? For some people, that's part of the nostalgia––memories of taking the candy home and freezing it. 

So, now that you know all that... why is it called the "Charleston Chew," anyway?

Cross invented the candy bar during the height of the "Roaring 20's," which was the age of jazz music, flappers, and, you guessed it––the Charleston! The Charleston was the big dance craze of the decade, and Cross knew that using the name would help him sell more candy bars. 

And he was right! Over a century later, you can still find these chewy treats on store shelves. 

Feeling nostalgic? Wishing you could get your hands on one of these already? 

Click here to buy a Charleston Chew!


  • Sarah Scott

    L love this candy but I haven’t been able to find it hear

  • RC

    Tasty retro candy nostalgaliscious

  • Doug Matthews

    Are samples available for the new Charleston chocolate and vanilla chew candy bar? I’m
    a former MC Vietnam Vet living in a VFW retired community at 717 Coachman Drive, Leesburg,Florida 34748 . Our Veterans have meetings once a month and would love to promote Charleston Chews in our meetings and with all our veteran seniors in our community. Thanks for your generosity and cooperation, Doug Matthews

  • Na

    Did they stop making strawberry and chocolate Charleston chews? Can’t find them anywhere for years now