Sky Bar: The Greatest Candy Bar Ever Made?

Do you remember the Sky Bar? There's nothing else quite like it!

The Sky Bar features four different fillings: caramel, vanilla, peanut, and fudge. Each filling stays contained in its own pocket of milk chocolate. How cool is that? It's not your average candy bar! 

The History of the Sky Bar

The Sky Bar was first introduced in 1938––and back then, it was even more revolutionary. Before NECCO (New England Confectionary Company) invented it, there had never been a chocolate bar with four distinctly different centers. 

NECCO wanted to name their amazing creation after something equally awe-inspiring. At the time, aviation was causing a lot of excitement––so they decided on "Sky Bar." They even used sky writing as a part of their marketing campaign! They launched an advertisement: "Watch for spectacular sky-writing this week by the SKY BAR plane! Letters a mile high..." And, alongside it, they challenged the public to write a sentence explaining why the Sky Bar was great.

This little candy bar was a pretty big deal. 

In the decades following its extravagant launch, the Sky Bar remained popular. It was a staple of stores across the East Coast, when family road trips were a common pastime. And the candy bar was always being advertised on TV. 

Where is the Sky Bar Now?

Although the fillings changed throughout the years, one thing remained true about NECCO's sweet invention: the Sky Bar was awesome. That's why so many people were heartbroken when, in 2018, the company's bankruptcy caused Sky Bar to reach its end. 

That is...until a Massachusetts business owner saved it! 

Louise Mawhinney of Sudbury, Massachusetts won the rights to Sky Bar in an online auction, and then began small-batch production. Thanks to her, candy lovers everywhere can still buy their favorite childhood treat. 

So, now that you know the history, we have to answer an important question: is Sky Bar really the Greatest Candy Bar Ever Made? 

You'll have to see for yourself! 

Click here to try a Sky Bar!



  • Wendy

    Just tried one for the first time. Four candy bars in one…. can’t beat that! So good!!

  • Marcia Karevich

    It’s been my favorite since I was a kid, many, many years ago. Hard to find but sometimes in Rite Aid.They are the best!!!

  • Deb

    Where can I buy? I’m In Iowa

  • Lisa M Alexander
    i like them they are good and yumm