The Untold History of Ring Pops

Remember Ring Pops? 

There's nothing that brings us back to childhood like this candy!

Everything from the sticky fingers to the games we'd play (did you ever pretend you were married?), these strange little candies bring back all kinds of nostalgia. 

But do you know their history? Let's take a walk down memory lane!

The Invention of Ring Pops

Ring Pops were invented in 1979 by Frank Richards, a product engineer at Topps Company. 

At the time, wearable candy had been around for a while – but wearable rings were something totally new!

But here's the interesting part: he invented them because he wanted his daughter to stop sucking her thumb! He figured that, if he offered her wearable candy to suck on instead, it would help her kick the habit.

Did it work? We don't know...but we do know that we're so glad Richards came up with this awesome idea!

Would You Propose with a Ring Pop?

Aside from being a nostalgic favorite, Ring Pops come in surprisingly wedding proposals! 

You can find all kinds of stories about men who proposed to their girlfriends using Ring Pops – and, thankfully, they usually got real rings, too! Another trend involves a ring box that looks like a Ring Pop, but unfolds to reveal a real diamond ring. 

Some couples have even used a ring pop as their actual ring (which is crazy...but awesome!) It's a symbol of commitment – and we think representing that with candy is pretty great. 

Ring Pops Today

Today, Ring Pops are made by Bazooka Candy Brand. And they're still just as awesome! 

Originally, Ring Pops were only available in cherry and grape. 

Now, they come in all kinds of fun flavors, like Sour Lemonade, Fruit Punch, Twisted Berry Blast, Blue Raspberry, and Citrus Punch. 

You can even find GIANT Ring Pops...and in 2013, Ring Pop gummies were introduced! (We're not sure why those weren't more popular...) 

Whichever Ring Pop you choose, one thing is for sure: this candy makes us feel like kids again. 😊 


Did you learn something new about Ring Pops...or do you have any fun memories to share? Let us know in the comments!