Tootsie Rolls Are One of the Oldest Candies. Here's Their Sweet History!

Tootsie Rolls have been around for over 120 years! 

There are few candies more well-known...and more versatile! They've always been everywhere. From the bottom of our Halloween pail, to Grandma's purse, to the little candy dishes on office get the idea.

And who doesn't like Tootsie Rolls? There's a reason they've stood the test of time! 

It turns out they have a long, interesting history. They've even fought in a World War...

Keep reading to discover the origins of one of our most beloved treats! 

The History of Tootsie Rolls

1896: Leo Hirschfeld invented the Tootsie Roll.

He chose the name because "Tootsie" was his daughter's nickname! He began selling the candy – which was hand-rolled and super unique at the time – for one penny each. They were also the first-ever candy to be individually wrapped. 

1905: Tootsie Rolls were already so popular...they moved to a four-story factory. And they were delivered by horse and buggy! 

Making the World Sweeter

(A 1920 ad for Tootsie Rolls.) 

1931: Tootsie Pops were invented! And we've been trying to figure out how many licks it takes ever since...

1942: Tootsie Rolls "went to war..." as a part of rations for soldiers. They provided quick (and delicious) energy. 

1970: Mr. Owl made his first TV appearance! Can you believe he's been around for that long?

1996: Tootsie Rolls turned 100!

Tootsie Rolls Today

It's hard to believe that a candy from the 19th century is still going strong today. But they're still made by "Tootsie Roll Industries"– a company that now makes many of our other favorite nostalgic candies, like Sugar Babies and Charleston Chews! 

Do you have any memories of Tootsie Rolls from your childhood? We'd love to hear them! 



  • Danielle

    I’ve always loved my Tootsie rolls and pop’s they were always my favorite Halloween candy and every year I look forward to eating my favorite candy 🤎

  • Ester

    One of my favorites been eating them for years

  • Ester

    One of my favorites been eating them for years

  • David

    I love Tootsie Rolls! My grandparents used to own a bait & tackle shop next to their home in Indiana before retiring to Florida. Whenever we would visit the store, there were always freebie Tootsie Rolls for us. They bring back some favorite old memories! These days around Christmas time I like to get the Tootsie Roll gingerbread houses. So good!