Top 10 Penny Candies from the '70s and '80s

There's something undeniably magical about reminiscing over the sweet treats of our childhood...

Especially those that only cost a few pieces of change!

In  the '70s and '80s, (and long before!) penny candies were a cherished part of our memories. Remember riding your bike down to the candy store and filling up a bag?

From chocolate to chewy to sour, here are the top 10 penny candies that fueled our childhoods during those nostalgic decades.


1. Tootsie Rolls

A true classic, Tootsie Rolls were a staple in penny candy aisles across the nation. Their chewy texture and rich chocolatey flavor made them a favorite since 1922. Did you know they were named after their inventor's daughter?

2. Lemonheads

For those who craved a sour kick, Lemonheads were the go-to choice. These tart and tangy candies packed a punch with their intense lemon flavor, leaving a puckering sensation that kept us coming back for more! 

3. Laffy Taffy

 Laffy Taffy brought joy and laughter to candy lovers everywhere. Available in a variety of fruity flavors, this chewy confection was a favorite for trading with friends and sharing giggles over the silly puns  on each piece.

4. Swedish Fish

Hailing from the shores of Sweden, these chewy, fish-shaped candies became an instant hit in the United States. With their fruity flavor and vibrant colors, Swedish Fish offered a taste of whimsy that captured the hearts of candy enthusiasts young and old.

5. Mary Janes

First introduced in 1914, Mary Janes are a nostalgic treat with a classic peanut butter and molasses flavor. Just looking at the red and yellow packaging brings us back to our childhood!

6. Caramel Creams

Also known as Bulls-Eyes, these chewy candies feature a creamy center surrounded by a sweet and chewy caramel outer layer. Did you know they used to be called Chu-ees?

7. Dubble Bubble

No trip to the penny candy store was complete without picking up a handful of Dubble Bubble gum. With its iconic pink color and classic bubblegum flavor, this chewy treat provided endless entertainment as we blew bubbles and competed to see who could create the biggest one.

8. Root Beer Barrels

Transporting us back to soda shop nostalgia, Root Beer Barrels are taste of old-fashioned goodness. Nothing else compares to these! They date all the way back to the 1800s...and rumor has it they were invented by a pharmacist. 

9. Saltwater Taffy

A seaside favorite, Saltwater Taffy brings the flavors of the beach to candy store shelves everywhere. With its soft and chewy texture and a rainbow of flavors to choose from, this timeless treat was (and still is) a must-have for any penny candy enthusiast.

10. Wax Bottles

Rounding out our list is perhaps the quirkiest penny candy of them all—Wax Bottles! These colorful, liquid-filled wax candies offer a unique and interactive candy experience. Whether you enjoyed biting off the top and sipping the sugary liquid inside or simply chewing on the wax like gum, Wax Bottles bring us back to the good old days. 


Do you have a favorite penny candy? Let us know in the comments!


  • Karen Preslar

    Named my dog Tootsie when I was a 7 year old a chocolate Maltese. I like white chocolate tootsie rolls.

  • Georgia Randolph

    My favorite candy is Tootsie Rolls