Which Candy Do You Remember Most From Your Childhood?

We want to know!

Maybe you have a memory of sharing a certain candy with loved one. You know...like a treat you'd have every time you visited your grandparents, or something you'd always split with your sibling. 

Or, maybe, there's a specific candy you'd buy every time you went on vacation. (Candy just tastes better on vacation...right?)

Or maybe there's just a candy you loved as a kid – so you ate it all the time!

Which candy deserves the title of "Best Nostalgic Candy?" 

Leave a comment below to cast your vote! 


  • Robin C Nation

    I really miss Astro Pops! They were so good and yet could be an weapon for your mouth for you can get it down to a needle point and poke the roof of your mouth, but they were so good!

  • Stephen Shumsky


  • Wendy

    Not sure if these would qualify as the best, but a couple of the rarest nostalgic candy that I remember are Bazooka Bubble Gum, which came with a little comic wrapped inside, and Garbage Candy a tiny garbage can filled with little candies shaped like fish bones, bottles and shoes😂. But one of my favorites that are still around are the ring pops so fun and pretty too!