You've Been Egged!

Easter Sunday is almost here!?

Are you ready??? ๐Ÿ‡๐Ÿ‡๐Ÿ‡

This year we are sharing a special way to share about Easter or even invite your friends to church...

Spread the joy by EGGING THEIR HOUSE!

Now WAIT - before you go out with eggs, please read below...


Supplies needed:

12 Easter Eggs (plastic)

Some Easter Candy

A note that says "This egg is empty just like the tomb - He is Risen!"

A sign that says, "You've been Egged" Download printable here.

A sign that says, "We've been Egged" Download printable here.ย 


1. Fill 11 Easter eggs with candy and the last Easter egg with the note about being empty.

2. Go to a friends house and hide the 12 eggs in their yard.

3. Hang the bag with the signs on the doorknob and leave :)ย 

4. Your friends will come out to a sweet surprise!!!!


Out of time? We will send you all the supplies you need to do this! Just click this link!

Is your friend too far away? We will ship the pre-filled kit to them so they can enjoy the hunt!!! Just click this link!