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Love Candy? And working with happy customers?

Work at a growing vibrant local business committed to Making Life Sweet!

There are some pretty sweet perks...

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We are always looking for fun amazing people to join our team!

If having fun while making people's day is your thing - we want to meet you!

We are currently looking to add staff if the following positions:

1. CANDY CREW Member

This is happy retail - and your presence ensures that every customer has a fabulously fun experiece. This position has 2 main responsibilites.

~ Set the tone with our store and keeping the customers happy!

We greet every customer. You will need to be friendly, welcoming, and pay attention to what customers need - Explain how the jars work, answer questions, get cupcakes, scoop ice cream, and serve chocolate.

This is happy retail - and it is super easy to get this done.

~ Keep the store clean and stocked by fulfilling the daily tasks. There is a lot to stay on top of - because there is so much candy! We have a very clear list that is easy to follow. 

This is a food/retail store. Which means there are daily responsibilites to care for the location and maintain our high safe standards.

2. Chocolatier & Bakery Assistant PT

We have so much to do! We would love your part time help to get things done. We are alaways preparing for the next event/holiday and creating new fun treats. Want to learn and grow - join us! Apply below.

3. Ecommerce Fulfillment PT

Ever growing online presence requires a solid person to be dilligent in getting it right. This includes fulfillment and packaging/shipping.

4. Store Manager

If you love retail and would enjoy working with 10 younger crew members to:

Set the standard for great service, organize daily operations, decorate for seasonality, and work with our amazing customers... We want to meet you.

Apply today!


Hiring starts from age 15+ to 85+. 😀

Apply Online HERE 

Stop by the Candy Store for an application today!