Life is Sweet VIP Birthday Club 🎉

We are so excited you are here!

If you haven't yet or want to sign up your kids...

You can join the Birthday Club HERE 

We cannot wait to CELEBRATE you!

Hooray you are getting Free Candy!
Here is how the Birthday Club Works.
What started with a small local club of 500 has grown to 70,000+ people in less that 9 months!!! WOWZA! 🎉
You will receive an email with instructions during your birthday month.
If you are a Local Candy Friend
* You can stop by and pick out a 1/4 pound of FREE candy - just like you always have!
Online Candy Friends 
* We email you with a special code for a POUND of Free Candy. 
And you get to pick your favorites. Wahoo!
Don't worry local folks - if you prefer to go the shipping route and get more candy you can do that too - just create the order and have it shipped to your house!
If you feel like this is not what you signed up for, please feel free to Unsubscribe 😊 No hard feelings.
We have also added on cool BONUSES for signing up for the Birthday Club... so be sure to open the first few emails to check those out!