This site provides information about three things:

  1. Our retail location: Candy HQ in Keene, NH
  2. Our products that are available locally: Shop Local
  3. Our Online Store: the products we are able to ship to anywhere in the US.


Local questions:
Q Can you ship cupcakes?

A: At this time we are unable to ship cupcakes. They are fragile. But we do have a local delivery option as well as store pick up.

Q: How does online ordering work for locals?

A: It depends on what you order. If you are local and want us to ship to your mom in Alaska, we can do that! The perks of living close is that when you check out, you will be given options for local delivery, store pickup in addition to USPS shipping options. You have a lot of choices!. Plus you can always call us at (603) 352-0900 during operating hours and we would be happy to help in any way we can. 

Q: Is everything you have in the store on the website?

A: No, at this time we have some items that work best online, and information about other things, like ice cream and cupcakes, that are available in the store only. We are trying to balance and get the website up to date as best we can. When in doubt, give us a call or email us.

Gift Cards:

Yes we offer gift cards Click here to purchase online.

Gift cards are able to be use at both of our Keene businesses.

In addition, you can use the gift card on the website, but you will need a different code to redeem. Please be sure to reach out Contact Us 

We will email you the code if you wish to redeem it online. Thanks!

Ordering Questions:

Q How does the custom candy box work? 

A: Choose the custom candy box link. This can be reached through the home page or through the shop online tab. You will be redirected to the ordering page. Follow the steps, pressing next after each step. Sometimes the page is slow to load - be patient - because it is worth it!
    1. Step 1: Select your candies by clicking on the candies you would like from each category . Clicking more than one time will add multiple selections of the same candy to the tray. Select Next to move to next step. 
    2. Step 2: Select your size choice (this will put it in the the tray). Select the "NEXT" button
    3. Step 3: Add any extra candies, cards, notes.
    4. Step 4: Item is added to the cart.Then  Continue shopping or…
    5. Step 5:  Check out!
Q: How many candies can I pick for the custom candy box?
A: We allow up to 10 candy selections. If you choose more than alloted - we will choose the correct amount at random.
Q: How much of each candy will I get in my box?
A: We try to fill each box with an equal amount of each candy ordered.
Q: What if I want more of a particular candy?
A: Just add more of that candy by clicking the plus sign indicating which candies you'd like more of. 
Q: What if you're out of a candy I picked?
A: Sometimes we run out of a particular candy when we're filling a lot of orders. Our website says we will “do our best” to fulfill everyone’s selections, and we really do. We love candy too!
If we are out of a particular candy and are not able to restock within a couple of days, we fill the box to its full weight with the other selections and ship the order. The box will contain a card and a gummy egg letting you know we were out of one of the candies selected.
Q: How is the Mixed box or bag packed?
A: With the exception of unwrapped chocolate candies, which we put in a separate bag inside the box, your box will be a mixed collection of your candy selections. Below is a video that shows exactly how the boxes are made. 

Q: How is the Tackle box packed?
A: We have separators so your candy box will be a separated sections of your candy selections. 

Shipping Questions:
Q: When will my order ship?
A: Orders placed one week are shipped the following week. (sometimes there are extra days during the busy time) Most orders are packed and arrive at the post office by Monday afternoon, though some are held back if we're waiting for a specific candy to be delivered.
Choose Priority Processing to ensure it ships quickly. 

Q: How are my items shipped?
A: Boxes are shipped via USPS Shipping.
If you want a speedier delivery, Expedited Shipping is an option at checkout.
Rates are $12.95 for 3 lbs and under.
$14.95 for delicate items and over 3.5 lbs.
Add an extra ice pack for $5.00 to keep it cool.
we reserve the right to hold orders based on temps to ensure your package arrives safely. 

The following is a short video to show how the package will arrive for a custom candy box. It will also be in a pink plastic bag inside the USPS packaging to ensure freshness and protection. 

Q: How do you keep the candy from melting during shipping?
A: We offer an icepack at checkout to keep things a bit cooler, but to be fair, even with an icepack, some candies will get sticky and a little melty at any temp over 93 degrees. 
*Please consider the climate and the shipping distance from our store in Keene, NH when choosing to order.
Though it would be awesome if we could, we cannot control Mother Nature or the speed of the USPS. There is also an option to select Expedited service which will get it there sooner.
Q: Why does my tracking number show "Pre-ship" status?
A: A tracking number is generated by USPS as soon as a label is printed. The status will not change until the package is delivered to the post office.
Q: The tracking status says Delivered but I didn't get it.
A: In our experience, it can take several days for a package to appear AFTER they post that status. We understand this is due to the USPS's scanning process during the COVID pandemic. We recommend speaking with your mail carrier or post office because at that point it is a local mail issue and we have no ability to investigate from our end. But please let us know what you find out.
After Receiving your order:
Q: I picked tons of candies for my custom box, but only got a few of them.
A: You can select up to 10 different candies. If you select more candies than allowed, the Candy Crew cannot include them all.  We will fill your box or bag with the allowed number of selections.
Q: I picked 10 candies but only got 9. What happened?
A: Sometimes we run out of a particular candy when we're filling a lot of orders. If we are out of a particular candy and are not able to restock within a couple of days-  we fill the box or bag with the other selections and ship the order. The box will contain a card letting you know we were out of one of the candies selected.