Send a Candy Gift Box 🎁

Welcome to Life is Sweet! We are happy you are here.

It's SUPER easy to send a custom candy gift box.

girl with candy

We will walk you through it every step of the way.

  1. You choose the type of gift box. 🎁
  2. You choose the candy for the box. 🍬🍬 from 320+ choices. 
  3. You choose any extra candy you want to add.🍭🍫
  4. You can set up a recurring gift box🛍️ at specific intervals...and Save $$
  5. You can send a treat with a funny note.🤗
  6. You can add a card with a personal note.💌

Think it's a great idea? We hope so! Send Candy!  

Why send a custom candy box?

It's a personally cultivated, long distance hug, with a smile in every box and joy delivered. Guaranteed. It's really the perfect gift.

Who doesn't love candy?

  • Celebrate a Birthday. Choose their favorites.
  • Celebrate an Anniversary. Send their favorites.
  • Celebrate the Holiday or any Special Occasion. We have holiday candy.
  • Do you miss them? This will let them know.
  • Are they are feeling blue? This will perk them up.
  • Say congratulations! You are amazing! Give them a boost.
  • Say I'm sorry, please forgive me? This will do it.
  • Or just satisfy your OWN cravings instead. You deserve it!
Have you heard the GREAT news?

Check this out...




Your box will be a collection of your candy selections. All lovingly created by our candy crew right here in our small, local, and family run candy store in Keene, NH. 😊

They are going to love this gift.

We guarantee it.

They will appreciate the thoughtfulness of you cultivating a custom candy box filled with all their favorite sweets. We think 🤔 maybe you should treat yourself too. Sending smiles - one candy box at a time. #candylove

Let's Celebrate Everything.

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