We all scream for Ice Cream 🍦 🍨

Life is Sweeter with Ice Cream 🍨 🍦 

When I was a child, we vacationed in the Adirondacks, specifically on Loon lake. One of the best memories was going to the local Stewart’s in Chestertown, and getting to make our own ice cream sundaes. It was a mess! But we could choose our ice cream, the we got to choose and put on our toppings and whip cream. 🤔 No cherry for me please!  This is a memory that will endure. For my sisters and I, for over 4 decades. 🥳  An experience of fun for family and friends. Do you have a similar memory? We bet you do.

Maybe, you can come make a new memory. 😊

New! Life is Sweet
Unlimited Toppings Bar 

Come and choose your ice cream and top it yourself from the new toppings bar.

Hard Serve 🍨 Ice Cream

19 flavors of ice cream from Giffords. 

Flavors include: 

Soft Serve 🍦 Ice Cream 

Rich and creamy vanilla, chocolate, or twist. Or choose a custom flavor to make your perfect treat.

Flavors include: 

DIY Toppings Bar

Build you very own sundae. Add 10 toppings or just your two favorites. It’s up to you! We have over 40 toppings on the bar -all the staples,  plus over 325 jars of candy to choose from. That’s over 365 different toppings you can choose to make your very own perfect ice cream sundae.

We can’t wait to see how creative you can be! 

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