Wizarding Week

It’s almost his magical birthday again!
This year the Wizarding week will be the final week of July.

July 26 - July 31 

Event page HERE

All of downtown Keene will be participating with events, specialty drinks, and activities. Life is Sweet will be transforming into a magical Candy Store- where you can find Licensed Harry Potter merchandise.  Yay!

wizarding week

Also homemade pretzel wands, be sorted, and a surprise appearance with Harry. So make sure you get your picture taken!
Butterbeer and Butterbeer floats. 

Imported candy from England. 
Exciting treats around every corner. 

We will be celebrating the boy who lived all week! 

Calendar of Events:

The “Magical Candy” in the Jars.

*They have been “Potterized” for max fun!

Make your own custom sweet box.


Win a free Harry Potter Collection Box 


Meet & Greet with Harry!

Thursday 4-7 Saturday 2-5


Get Sorted with a cupcake or fudge

Take a bite - Which house are you?


Enjoy a Custom Butterbeer

Butterbeer on Ice or Float

With a keepsake mug


Make your own Chocolate Wand


Check out the Official Merch! 

Wands, candy, and magical sweets


Let’s get ice cream!

Knickerbocker Glory 

Victor Krum Shake

Butterbeer Sundae

Professor Sprout Smoothies


Eye of Newt Lemonade

Bubotuber Puss 

Fizzing Whizbee’s

Acid Pops

Golden Snitch

Dragon Eggs

Potion Candy Bags

Witch’s Slime

Lightning Bolt Tattoo