Birthday Surprise Sweet Box

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A Birthday Surprise box will be the gift that delights from near and far.

Envision receiving a surprise gift box in the mail - and it's just in time for your birthday!

And then you open it.

And what do you see?

A cheerful Happy Birthday Greeting!

And then you see the card. 

You open the envelope and see your treats inside.

A birthday poem with wishes and surprise treats to share.

And then below the card... 6 pretty boxes stacked in a row.

Each wrapped in a different color ribbon.

Waiting for you to open each one.

What's inside?

A Birthday Cookies

A Box of Gummy Candy

A Box of Sour Candy

A Box of Popcorn

A Box of Chocolate Dipped Fortune Cookies

A Box of Assorted Chocolate Pretzels

They will know they are loved by the gifts they are shown.




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