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Build Your Own Fall Charcuterie Board

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Celebrate Fall

Build your own Fall Candy Charcuterie Board

Fall Charcuterie Board is a seasonal mix of Autumn inspired candy. 
Over two pounds of bulk candy with other seasonal treats.
Here are some examples:
Assorted Candy Corn
Gummy Candy Corn
Indian Corn
Foiled Chocolate Leaves
Gummy Pumpkins
Apple Gummy Bears
Caramel Apple Pops
Maple Malt Balls
Chocolate Espresso Beans
Sour Pumpkins
Mellocreme Pumpkins
Sugar Pumpkins
Gummy Apples
Gummy Apple Rings
Cry Baby Tears
French Macarons
Artisanal Truffles
 Maple Leaf
Honey Pop

Candy is packaged in a white gift boxes and tied with a gold
ribbon so you can build your own board.

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